The best way to prepare for your visit:

  • Respect – respect is incredibly important to me when it comes to introductions so when inquiring my company, please do not message me anything vulgar in any matter. Specifics of how you will like for our date to go should be given when feeling inquiries. NDAs are welcomed. During overnights and FMTYs, I love and need my sleep, especially, to be fully prepared for our appointment. Also, please try to plan at least 48hrs in advance. Same-day appointments varied and will be notified when available.
  • Consideration – punctuality is sexy on anyone. I do give a 10 minute grace period for tardiness, please plan accordingly to your arrival. If you are late over 10 minutes, deposit will be kept to its fullest and a $500 curtesy fee. Upon arrival, remaining balance of investments should be given either in a book, card (not a white mail envelope), or gift bag/box. Investments are provided at beginning of our dates. If we are meeting at an OutCall please present it in a gift bag, thank you envelope, or inside a gift bag.
  • Hygiene – for all InCall, upon your arrival I will ask of you to go freshen up in the bathroom (this is non-negotiable). All toiletries will be provided by me. Please let me know if you have sensitivity to fragrances or any skincare ingredients. For all OutCall, both of us will go freshen up in the bathroom.
  • InCall – discretion is KEY to all parties involved. Location should not be talked with by anyone, including other providers for safety. When entering, please do not speak to the concierge and let me know when you are ”here” through your preferred method of communication to make sure there are no Nosey Nancies around.
  • Appearance– please come well groomed on the face (no need to shave if you have a beard, but do have it well groomed) and in your southern region. No harsh cologne or perfume. I ask that you do not show at either InCall/OutCall under the influence of alcohol or any other substance. I ask all parties 21+ are sober upon meeting. If you feel generous enough to bring a bottle of wine, I ask they are unopened and opened AND poured in my presence.

How to book?

  • Please fill out all the needed information here
  • When filling inquire, please give either your email – regular or work- or phone number (NO text now services).
  • Please tell me about yourself, not just what you’ll for our occasion to go (though that will also be needed).
  • Dates over 3HRS or longer do require public engagement.
  • I have a U.S. passport that has six years left to it and I get major wanderlust. It would be amazing to explore new, and old, worlds with you.


  • Screening is absolutely non-negotiable. Failure to provide all needed material when filling inquiry will result in immediate blacklist. This is to insure both of our safety.
  • Procedures can be found here