How should I come prepared?

Please look under my etiquette tab to learn everything before our introduction!

How can I send you investments?
  • Cash
  • CashApp
  • Cryptocurrency

Cash/Crypto for remainder only. Cash preferably for remaining balance. Cash must be presented as soon as arrival at InCall location or presented in a card (NOT a white mailing envelope), book, or gift bag/box at OutCall location as soon as introduction begins. PayPal remainder must be done at the door before any interaction begins.

For all deposits, a reference number (i.e., ref. #: XXXXXX-ABCD-XXXX) will be sent. Please attach this reference number and ONLY this into the notes section. Please no emojis are other words.

Investments can be found here

Is that really you?

YES! If you want me to prove it, follow my Twitter @rinaarem and @MeetRinaArem. If that’s not enough proof, a $50 10 minute verification video chat can be done before our date.

Do you travel?

YES! I get major wanderlust. Please provide at least a 10 day advance notice for FMTY (USA) and  at least a 14 day advance notice for FMTY (International.)

Can you be my +1 to this event?

Absolutely! Just tell me about the event. If you have a specific outfit in mind, please send a gift card and link(s) to the outfit of your choice.

What type of dates do you like?

Broadway, operas, concerts, movie premieres, private viewings, are always an AMAZING option. Affluent auction houses, sightseeing, I can pretend to like sports for you (I truly do enjoy volleyball, track, tennis, and soccer), hiking, animal rescue centers (not zoos), and a thrilling helicopter ride to name a few.

What is the best form of contact?

Preferred way of contact is email (rinaarem@protonmail.com).

I do not correspond past three emails without a paid confirmed inquiry (a fee is applied if more is needed) calls are only granted for 6-12HRS dates or any of the FMTY options. Please do not abuse the power of calling me, in doing so will result in immediate blacklisting.

Do you allow in date extensions?

Time sometimes easily passes us by, so please ask at least two hours before our date ends for an extension. Extensions for both InCall and OutCall are $100/hr and FMTY extensions are $500/day on top new flight and lodging payment.

Who do you entertain?

Yes to couples. I love being your unicorn- additional $200 to deposit please

Groupsomes are only done with other providers. Please send me who you have in mind (with their permission of course) that you will like to group with.

I accept all gender identities and sex! All that are 21+ are welcome!

Disabled clients and inexperienced clients are warmly welcomed. Please do give detailed information of your condition so I can inform you if i can physically and safely accommodate you. As for inexperience clients, do let me know how you will like our time to be like. All of this can be told here.

Are you available same day?

Sadly no. I have a pretty busy vanilla life and need advance notice before any inquiries are booked. The shortest notice I am willing to take are 48HRS notice.

Deposit/Cancellation Policy

All InCall, OutCall, and FMTYs require a 50% deposit. Deposits are only refundable if I must cancel. For the remaining balance, cash is preferred but PayPal is also taken. If at any moment I feel uncomfortable with either you, the location, or whatever, I have the right to leave and cancel our date.

Only a 10 minute grace period is given before date is called off.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy
  • All InCall and OutCall cancellations must be done at least 24HRS before our meeting. Deposits are valid for a reschedule within 90 days (3 months) of our original date.
  • All FMTY cancellations must be done at least 3 days before flight departs. Deposits paid will be valid for a reschedule within 180 days (6 months) of our original date. New flight and lodging (mine AND ours) payments must be sent 14 days before new date.

If you must cancel for either InCall/OutCall or any of the FMTY options a second time, a new deposit AND any payments for lodging and flights must be sent.

Reviews Policy

NO reviews.

Touring Inquires

Will love to do tours, but these would need to be funded for. Once I come up with a goal fund, it would be great to have some generous lovers to help towards this!