For those who want the true experience. I’m available for mutually beneficial extended arrangements on a month to month basis. Dates will not be kept on strict schedule within reason. All packages include texting, photos for your personal album, and video chat (within reason). Benefaction is due at the beginning of every month. These arrangements are not exclusive, though they will take more priority over other engagements. Exclusive arrangements must be planned MONTHS in advance.

THE LOVER ($5K) – three 3-4HRS dates per month

THE ESCAPE ($7K) – two 4-6HRS dates and one overnight a month

THE LIASON ($9K) – two 6-8HRS dates, two overnights a month

THE ADVENTURE ($12K) – three or four overnights a month


THE ENTANGLEMENT ($20K) – two months

THE ARRANGEMENT ($45K) – four months